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Product Image Shampoo Bars by Kitsch

Shampoo Bars by Kitsch

$ 14.50

We'll admit we were a bit skeptical. Eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner bars that make your hair and scalp look and feel amazing? Throw in some fabulous scents, plus excellent lather/coverage, and we were hooked! These bars will have you singing in the shower, folks. These sublime shampoo bars come in three different options. We strongly recommend purchasing a reusable Beauty Bar Bag for the optimum lifespan and performance of your shampoo bar.

Castor Oil Nourishing Shampoo Bar: Castor Oil has long been used in body care products. While Kitsch closely guards their scent combinations, this bar smells distinctly of sweet pipe tobacco and perhaps a touch of conifer resin? We love it. 

Rice Water Protein Shampoo Bar: Rice protein is purported to both repair follicle damage and promote growth. Use this bar on damaged, weak or brittle hair. 

Tea Tree and Mint Clarifying Shampoo Bar: This combo is purported to remove excess product build up and oil, delivering a "deep clean" without stripping or drying out hair. Not surprisingly, notes of tea tree and mint are found here. Invigorating! 

All Shampoo bars meet the following criteria: 

NO Sulfates. NO Silicones. NO Parabens. NO Phthalates. NO Artificial Fragrance. NO Animal testing. NOT Cold-pressed. (Too high of a pH for hair and is actually just soap)

NO Saponified oils. (Too high of a pH for hair and turns the bar into soap)

Made in United States