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Product Image Handmade Natural Bar Soaps

Handmade Natural Bar Soaps

$ 4.50

Essential oils and aromatic botanicals are blended into a base of natural vegetable oils and vitamin E. These handcrafted soaps are richly proportioned and long lasting. Our soap master Jan has created blends that range from stimulating to soothing. She has even blended one of pure oatmeal for the most sensitive of users. We are proud to carry this amazing line of pure and natural soaps. Making a choice between these delightful combinations will be difficult. Approx. 5 oz. To get the maximum life-span from your soap, we recommend using a soap holder that drains and allows the soap to dry out between uses. 

Lavender - pure & simple
Lavender & Spice -warm & spicy, a great fall scent
Lavender & French Vanilla - rich & captivating
Oatmeal - gentle and unscented
Lemongrass & Ginger - stimulating & a natural deodorant
Lavender, Patchouli & Rosemary - anti-depressing & calming
Lavender & Tangerine - balancing
Lavender & Calendula - healing tonic..great for a wide variety of skin problems
Lavender & Peppermint - invigorating with antiseptic properties
Lavender & Lemon-clean fresh fragrance, blended with chamomile
Gardener's Soap-Freshly ground almonds provide a gentle abrasive quality to help remove dirt...