Lavendula Stoechas

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Lavendula Stoechas

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 25” Spanish lavender, green-grey foliage, flowers are red-purple with the showy bract a bright pink. The bright  pink “ears” on this Spanish lavender makes it a cherry addition to the garden. This plant will bloom continuously  from May to October if it is dead_headed. As with all Spanish lavender, it has a eucalyptus fragrance. it requires  aggressive pruning to keep it from sprawling.


 25” Spanish lavender with grey-green foliage, the flower heads and bracts are a dark purple-red color. The  deep color of this plant makes it a beautiful addition to the landscape and explains why this group of lavender is  often called the “Butterfly Lavenders”. As with other Spanish lavender it has a pinecone shaped head that has a  eucalyptus fragrance. It will bloom continuously from May to October, and retain its cheery appearance if the  spent blossoms are removed.