Lavender Cookbook-NEW!!

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Lavender Cookbook-NEW!!

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Several years ago we formed a wonderful friendship with a great gal named "Sunny".  She fell in love with our Royal Velvet (our favorite culinary lavender) and started making all kinds of special treats with it!  Every year during our Annual Lavender Weekend she did great demonstrations using the lavender and they were so yummy that after MANY requests she finally made a cookbook with all those great recipes in it!   Thankfully her cookbook came out just in time for "Purple Haze Daze" at the farm this year and it was a huge success!  

Filled with recipes for things like Lavender Horchata, Lavender Tapioca and of course how to make a really good Lavender Simple Syrup that you can use for so many recipes-this is perfect for the cook who wants to give culinary lavender desserts and drinks a try!

41 pages, softback