Certified Organic Lavender Oil

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Certified Organic Lavender Oil

$ 55.00


This certified organic lavender oil comes straight out of our purple fields and into the bottle. It's steam-distilled from our Melissa (Lavendula Angustafolia) variety or our Grosso (Lavendula Intermedia) variety and is aged to a deep, rich, wonderfully sweet fragrance.

Out of stock order will be considered pre-orders and will not be shipped until the Fall.

4 oz. Intermedia Oil-$55.00-Out of stock till 10/1/2017
4 oz. Angustifolia Oil-$70.00-Out of Stock till 10/1/2017
8 oz. Intermedia Oil-$95.00-Out of Stock till 10/1/2-17
8 oz. Angustifolia Oil-$130.00-Out of Stock till 10/1/2017
16 oz. Intermedia Oil-$175.00-Out of Stock till 10/1/2017
16 oz. Angustafolia Oil-$230.00-Out of Stock till 10/1/2017

Orders placed after 3/21/17 will be from 2017 harvest.

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