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Lavendula Intermediate Plant Varieties

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The Intermediates are a hybrid of Lavendula Angustifolia (English Lavender) and Lavendula Latifolia (Spike Lavender). The cross of these two species occurred naturally in the hills of Southern France, and was discovered in 1882. They are prized for their large size, rich color, hybrid vigor and high oil yield. Called Lavandins, this group typically has larger leaves, longer stems and larger flower heads. Because the fragrance of the lavandins is stronger,and the oil yield is greater than the Angustifolias, it has become a “work horse” in the fields of France. Typically the oils of the lavandins are used in soaps and detergents. The fragrance has a more turpentine like quality than the oils of the English lavenders. Not only are these plants hardy and less susceptible to fungal attacks, they are a more attractive landscape plant in the winter months. The strong color of many of the cultivars makes their sachet and dried flowers excellent for crafting.

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 Lavender Plant comes in a 4" pot.




24-36" Intermediate Lavandin, 16-20" stems; perfect lavender for the Northwest, hardy, resists disease, medium purple flowers, strong, clean fragrance, mid-summer blooms, great for drying & crafting. If you have a brown thumb, this is the plant for you. It is the most frequently planted Lavandin in the Sequim Dungeness Valley because it nearly has it all: dark color, strong fragrance, and disease resistance.


36-40" Intermediate Lavandin, 18-20" stems; light blue flowers, soft green foliage throughout winter, late summer blooms, an outstanding landscape plant. This plant has the best winter foliage of any on the farm, and it blooms late to extend the flowering season.  


36-40" Intermediate Lavandin, 20-24" stems; strong fragrance, fat blossoms, dark purple flowers, blooms mid-summer, outstanding for dried arrangements. This is my personal favorite for dried bouquets. The flower is fat and dark colored, the stems long and strong, and it holds its color.



30-36" Intermediate Lavandin, 16-20" stems; very fragrant violet flowers, blooms mid-summer bloom, our favorite for sachets and culinary uses. This light colored, sweet smelling flower is very fragrant in fresh bouquets. The fragrant blossoms leave the stalk easily, and because of that make great sachet. It is one of the Lavandin's that we cook with at Purple Haze.


36-40" Intermediate Lavandin, 16-20" stems; white blossoms, strongly scented, blooms mid-summer, culinary uses, excellent contrast in landscapes. The color white is a striking contrast in both fresh bouquets and dried arrangements.


48-60" Intermediate Lavandin, 18-24"stems, very large plant, profuse bloomer, medium blue flowers, strong fragrance, late summer bloom, one plant will produce thousands of blossoms at maturity. This BIG plant would be great for a privacy hedge…imagine a plant you could stand behind and be hidden! The large abundance of flower heads makes this a must have plant if you are making sachet.


36-48" Intermediate Lavandin, 24-30" long stems, medium blue flowers, excellent oil profile, strong fragrance, late summer blooms. This plant is my favorite lavender for fresh bouquets…the flower heads are large and free forming, making them very striking in vases.

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