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These earrings are absolutely gorgeous in sunlight
Silver, periwinkle, lavender and sky blue. Sigh
Like a fine wine, these beauties must be appreciated in person
We could write a love letter to the world about these earrings. They are just exquisite.
They are gorgeous in sunlight
Calliope earrings by No Monet in orange multi and turquoise

Fairyland Calliope Earrings by No Monet

$ 30.00

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These beauties really shine in sunlight
The silver on these earrings really shines
These merry little fairy earrings are gorgeous in sunlight
Lime green and purple make these little melons shine
Sold out

Fairyland Fairy Melon Earrings by No Monet

$ 24.00

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Chartreuse, spring green and brass make for an eye catching combo
Hand painted lavender and turquoise petals make these beauties really shine in sunlight

Flower Fairy Wood Witch Earrings by No Monet

$ 48.00

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2 colors
These are a great way to add a bit of sparkle to an all black outfit
We just love this noir-ish color combo
These earrings are captivating in sunlight
We think these earrings are exquisite, inside and out