Dried Certified Organic Lavender Florets by the Pound

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Dried Certified Organic Lavender Florets by the Pound

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Our dried Certified Organic Lavender Intermedia florets come directly from our farm. This is an intermedia lavender (Grosso) which we think is the best lavender to use when making sachets, it is very aromatic....it is perfect for aromatherapy use...however, if you wish to cook with lavender we suggest you use our Royal Velvet for your culinary uses.

Harvest: Summer 2020

Answers to FAQs: there are around 15-16 cups of lavender/pound. Most sachets are 1/4 or 1/3 cup. One of the better ways to determine how much you may need is to use rice to approximate the volume of lavender.

1/2#=$22.00, 1#=$38.00


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